Jennette McCurdy regarded as next big tween star

Posted on April 29, 2011

The New York Post mentions Jennette McCurdy as one of the rising stars to soon fill Selena’s, Miley’s and Demi’s shoes.

“Jennette McCurdy, 18 (“iCarly”): She plays second banana to Cosgrove on their hit series, but McCurdy is poised to break out on her own now. “She’s genuinely very likable and has a connection with her fans,” Coble says. “She’s also launching a country music career which will introduce fans to a different side of her.”

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  1. Okay I am going crazy!! I took my 10 year to see Jeannette at HEB on 8-27-11. I wanted to know where she got those awesome shoes. They were like dark cream color with jewel type thingy’s on the heel part. My little girl was feeling sick so we had to leave before I could ask her. Does anyone know where I can get a pair of those awesome shoes or have any pictures of them?? please help. Thanks. btw I could not believe how beautiful she was in peson. So kudos to you girly! Stay cute and pretty.