Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions on Twitter

Posted on April 17, 2011

On Sunday, April 17, 2011 Jennette decided to answer some fan questions that were tweeted to her and selected 12 to answer.

Q: favorite time of day?
A: nighttime..

Q: If you had one superpower, what would you like to have?
A: invisibility

Q: What is your favourite soup?
A: campbell’s chicken with stars

Q: Whats your favorite tv show?
A: arrested development, big bang theory, 30 rock, pysch, monk, mystery science theatre, 21 jump street

Q: If u could be another character in iCarly, who would u be?
A: wouldn’t switch my character

Q: what do you want for your birthday?
A: a dog!

Q: if u could do anything for one whole day way would u do?
A: figure skate, go to the movie theatre, watch some good tv, maybe see a comedy show, go to an amusement park

Q: Would you pass through the 7 levels of the Candy Cane forest/the sea of swirlytwirly gumdrops/Lincoln Tunnel to find Buddy?
A: yes i most certainly would. truth be told, i might even do that if i couldn’t find buddy, just for kicks.

Q: who’s your closest guy best friend?
A: well i have more guy friends than girl friends, because of growing up with 3 bros. plus, tends to be less drama

Q: is it annoying when people call you “Sam” in real life?
A: well, i’ll just say that when people call me by my real name, i certainly appreciate that

Q: Would you ever beat someone up if it meant you could go back and be in the original Star Wars movies?
A: oh absolutely. to be in the original star wars? not only would i beat someone up, i would beat everyone up.

Q: Is social networking destroying interpersonal relationships?
A: absolutely it is. i think we’d all be better off without this stuff. thanks for the solid question.

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  1. I Love you Jennette!!! Jennette you are my one true love and she’ll also always beiber!