Jennette McCurdy answers fan questions

Posted on April 13, 2011

Jennette McCurdy stopped by KASE101 at 3:30pm (CST) in Austin, TX before her concert at the Hill Country Galleria to answer questions that were posted KASE101’s facebook page. If you missed it, don’t fret, she’ll be having more Q&As later on. Here are the questions and responses by Jennette McCurdy herself:

Q: Hi Jennette, Have you always been a singer or is this something new you have started?
A: I’ve always loved music and found a lot of inspiration from it. When I was little, I wasn’t sure how to pursue a country music career, but I always loved writing songs by making poems and putting melodies to those. So then I began co-writing when I was 13 and that’s how I first started learning about the music industry and how to properly pursue a deal

Q: any plans leaving iCarly and making music your number 1 career choice now? And can my son date you LOL JK :)
A: No, I plan on sticking with icarly as well. we just got picked up for another season. but I am very much focusing on my music career and I”m so grateful for all the positive response. and sure, how old is your son, where is our romantic getaway destination, and will he bring flowers?

Q: What would you say is a must see/do in Nashville for a first time visitor? -other than the obvious answer of seeing your opry debut of course :)
A: Jessica – first off, THANK YOU for your support! I’m not sure if a meet and greet is in the schecdue following the opry performance, but if you stick around outside i’m sure I will be able to say hey and talk to you as I leave.

Q: What would you say is a must see/do in Nashville for a first time visitor? -other than the obvious answer of seeing your opry debut of course :)
A: Jessica (again, hey!) – mustdo’s in nashville:
~ Pancake Pantry
~ Loveless Cafe
~ Country music hall of fame (that’s a more touristy thing)
~ Opryland hotel (AMAZING)

Q: How are you loving singing country music?
A: I love it!! country music is so fun to sing and this tour has been a ball

Q: is it hard to juggle acting and singing and life as a teenager? How do you keep yourself grounded? Can’t wait to see you tonight :o)
A: Thanks, that’s very sweet. Juggling acting and music is definit4ely time-consuming and can get difficult at times, but I am often referred to as the “Energizer Bunny”, because I “keep going and going and going”… if this is the case, then I don’t see a problem keeping up. As for the grounded part, thank you. I woudl attribute that to my family. They will always be honest and real with me, and remind me of the dweeb I am (though I need no reminding, as I am well awared)

Q: Have you ever driven a car? What kind of car would you drive?
A: I have driven a car. It went… mediocre at best. I would like to drive a delorean (big back to the future fan here)

Q: if you were a fruit, what would you be? :]
A: an apple, except then I would eat myself every day

Q: Does it bug you seeing people call you Jeanette or Jannette?
A: it’s always nice to see my name spelled properly, but i don’t get mad or anything when people spell it wrong. if their name is bob, i write back Bab. ;)

Q: jennette will you ever come to dublin/ireland ?
A: i’d love to! with a last name of mccurdy, I’d be betraying my heritage if I didn’t

Q: Will the song “Better” be on the album? I hope so, it’s one of my favorites!

Q: Who is your favourite non-counntry band/artist
A: Barenaked Ladies, Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, John Williams, Alan Silvestri, Adele

Q: I would like to know when going out your Love Generation video on youtube?
A: The video is premiering on CMT and Nickelodeon SOON. I’ll be posting exact details asap on all my social networks

Q: so what made you pick country? nothings wrong with it. its just so different from your character
A: I love that it’s music you can actually sing instead of talk! ha. and that you can understand the words. and that it’s honest

Q: Im still EXTREMELY curious to the 7th power to know if you ever had any singing lessons ? OR has it always just been as natural as breathing?
A: I have not had vocal lessons but I’ve always loved singing

Q: what would be the first 5 country songs on your playlist if you were program director for a day?
A: 1) you’ll think of me – keith urban
2) i hope you dance – lee ann womack
3) rascal flatts – pieces
4) still the one – shania twain
‎5) miranda lambert – house that built me

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