Jennette McCurdy is the Rebecca Bonbon Brand Spokesperson

Posted on April 7, 2011

According to JJJ, Jennette McCurdy was just announced as the new face of Rebecca Bonbon products. In a statement on hearing the news:

“I am excited to be named the official Rebecca Bonbon spokesperson. Rebecca Bonbon is adorable. I look forward to this awesome opportunity to promote a brand whose clothes are both cute and accessible.”

Jennette will be working with the brand, the latest fashion import from Japan created by Yuko Shimizu, the original creator of Hello Kitty, beginning with the 2011 Back-to-School line and will be featured in a national marketing campaign for the girls’ fashion and lifestyle brand. David Luner, executive vice president of Consumer Products stated:

“We are proud to have a role model such as Jennette representing Rebecca Bonbon and providing an aspirational element to help reach new consumers”

Rebecca Bonbon is a French bulldog and super cute fashionista from Paris who currently resides in a plush New York City apartment overlooking Central Park. She lives a charmed life, with her days spent showcasing her chic outfits whilst walking through the park, shopping and picnicking with friends.

Congratulations Jennette!

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