Starry Constellation Magazine interviews Jennette McCurdy

Posted on March 12, 2011

Q.  What are some of the recent projects that you’ve been working on?

A.  Well I have the premiere of my brand new Nickelodeon Channel movie called Best Player and it’s coming out on March 12th.  I am also doing a nationwide mall tour for all of March and April to promote my brand new single “Generation Love” and the tour is called Generation Love Tour.

Q.  What can you tell us about the premise of Best Player and about your character?

A.  Best Player is about two avid gamers who are sucked into this game called Black Hole and they both want to be the best at it and in their quest to become the best they realize it’s just as rewarding and fulfilling, if not more, then virtual reality.  My character is one of the gamers and her name is Chris Saunders and she is a shy, awkward, misfit of a girl who only feels confident and like she belongs when she’s playing the game.

Q.  What made you want to be a part of the project?

A.  When I first got the script the challenge of finding that niche of who Chris Saunders is, my character, it was really exciting to me because the way that she was written she had some things in common with Sam and some things really not at all like Sam.  Also I knew that Jerry Trainor from “iCarly” was going to be a part of the project as well and the opportunity to work with him blew me away because I love working with him.

Q.  Where did you draw from for your portrayal of Chris?

A.  Well I definitely have that shy kind of softer side to me.  That was the side that I more expanded upon with Chris and with Sam I more expand upon my sarcastic side.

Q.  Do you have a gamer side to you?

A.  Playing video games is inevitable in my household.  I think we possess every videogame system that’s been out for I don’t know how long.  I mean we have Nintendo 64, Sega, Sega Dreamcast, Game Cube, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and I could go on.

Q.  What did you find challenging about the role?

A.  Like I mentioned the way the character was written it was so similar to Sam, but yet different in her description and her demeanor, so finding that balance between not popping into Sam territory but still possessing kind of those qualities was a challenge.

Q.  You have a great comedic timing, is this something you’ve found has come naturally or have you studied or honed it?

A.  Thank you! I’ve always loved making people laugh.  Just growing up whenever I would say something and people would laugh it really excited me and I would take note of what I said and try and remember because I wanted to make people laugh again.  I’ve always liked making people laugh.

Q.  Do you have a really memorable moment from filming?

A.  I guess the most memorable moment would be the finale of the movie when we were all participating in this big game tournament because everybody from the cast was on set together that day.  We had a massive crew and cameras were flying everywhere and cranes dropping and dollies everywhere.  We had a bunch of background players as well so the energy was really heightened on that day.

Q.  Why do you think viewers will want to take the time to check out the movie?

A.  I was able to see a screening of it a couple of weeks ago and it is just heartwarming and endearing in places, but it is so funny throughout, and the messages that it has are really relevant and great.  I think parents will appreciate their kids watching it and kids will love it.

Q.  You’re a part of the social networking site Twitter, why is it important for you to connect with fans that way?

A.  The immediacy I think of Twitter, I’ll put something out and right away people can respond and see it on their phones. That is a great platform, to be that in touch with your fans, and it’s really an interesting thing to do.

Q.  What would you like to say to your fans and supporters?

A.  I always like to take the opportunity to say thanks, you can’t say it enough.  Being able to do what I love to do because other people are giving up their time and their efforts and energy, I really appreciate them a lot for allowing me to do what I love.


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