Live Chat with Jennette McCurdy

Posted on March 9, 2011

Update The chat is now over, but you can still watch the recorded version:

Country 92.5 is having a live interview with Jennette McCurdy TODAY at 1:30 PM PST / 4:30 PM EST and will answer questions by anyone who joins the chat. Click here to chat with us!

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27 responses

  1. hi jennette this is trevor so i watched you on icarly seasons 1,2,3 but as you see…i never seen you before so i understand that you are a hollywood star and i know this and you dont know me do you? well i just wanted you to know that im a normal boy growing up to become a man. and you are a beautiful girl and if we get the time to know eachother , one more thing i love love your performances on the shows that i watch. good luck.

  2. hey jannette i live icarly what u play sam on its awesome and funny i really love ur charater u are amazing :D

  3. Hey jennette i love icarly it so funny i love it when u get into fights with Freddie lol:) love ya!!!

  4. i <3 you jennette i watch i carly every day when i saw you i feel better

  5. helo jennete i am a great fan of you ken you send me a pictour from you this is my adres holannd kloosterdrift 55 3436 td nieuwegein thenks

  6. hey me adriana love youre character and wish was like you and pretty I ALWAYS WATCH YOURE SHOWS THE B33ST EVER!!!!!!!!!! I CARLY ROCKS !!! but i like sam more and i think carly is not that good of a character than SAM and be more like sam carly because i dont like youre character yha much but its ok not good as SAMs totallyy!! freedie is cute and reallly funny when h3 gets hurt LOL LOL LOL LOL !!! ~LOVE SAM ~ AS FRIEND~ all of u in icarly and espacilly the epeside of i party with victorious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love Jannette! She is awsome on ICARLY! I wish i could chat with her!!

  8. Jenette you totally rock. You are such a cool person. I think you should continue to sing and do what you do best. ROCK ON SWEET CHILD.

  9. I love you and I Will Always Be Here For You

  10. I watch iCarly form my country and I really would like too meet you, that´s my fb, u are really pretty

  11. Why is Miranda mean?

  12. Have you ever heard of the group bon jovi?

  13. If it would be my 15th birthday i would wanna see you singing with bon jovi

  14. Love u fav

  15. Chiay'Ane says:

    hi Jenette.I loved icarly when you bullied Freddie. sam and cat is my favorite show and ill be heart broken when its cancelled :_(

  16. hey Jennette your are so hot I could talk to you all day long but I want to get to the point could we meet in public one time

  17. hi jennette I love icarly and when you sometime make trouble on icarly in you said that was fredie I love when you do that. and sam & cat I love it

  18. hi jennette I like when yo play sam it wasmy favorite character

  19. anysia gary says:

    do u love math

  20. hi

  21. love sow sam and cat

  22. christopher says:

    hay u have a boy friend sexy girl

  23. jasmine melendez says:

    hi jennete I wanted to say is that you are an awesome actor on sam and cat, victorious, and icarly love ya

  24. hi jennette how are u you are so hot

  25. Jennette Mccurdy says:

    hey guys this is jennette :D