Jennette McCurdy’s official website updated

Posted on December 31, 2010

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, Jennette McCurdy’s website ( is officially online. Check out Jennette McCurdy’s new website

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  1. Hi Jennette,I have an autistic and mentally challenged child,and he adores you.He watches iCarly all the time.The only way I can get him to calm down when he’s acting up is to put that show on.It would be awesome if you could send him an audio with you saying hi to him or and autographed photo.Please let me know what you can do,it would put a smile on his fa just as he always does when he sees you.His name is Daniel,but we all call him Jr.Thank you so much.

  2. i am linathi i love icarly and your song i have all your albums keep it up don’t give up the work that u do

  3. Christopher Cancel says:

    Hi Jeanette I am such a huge fan of yours. I like you’d art as an actor. You’re the BEST!!!

  4. hey whats up hey you know iCarly were you have a sister Melanie in real life is she your sister?
    please text me on

  5. Hi Jeannette I love you so much and my dream is to meet you I love watching icarly I don,t go one day with out watching you on t.v or listening to your music by the way you are so buitful and thank you so much for writing music and makeing us laugh every day your the best

  6. HeyJennette my future is to be relationship and I really like watching Icarly? You are the same age as me as well? finaling Mylittle sister she 8 years old and she like icarly and she love singing and playing the guiter as mirophone? she dancing like as she often to be like a rock star in furture i hope she would she would eable to be but by the time she needs to furce on her school work in furture I will wait and see what happend next?

  7. Hi Jennette
    i love your show i carly and i can t believe you are going to be on sam and cat with Ariana grande that is huge anyway i am so proud you. bye

  8. Dear Jennette, I know being 21 is a very tough age to go through i went through it myself once you have friends that are married and have babies i understand where you are coming from i get that.But what you said on the computer by making it public took a lot of courage and a lot of guts on how you expreesed on how you exactly felt whether i see you for what you are or for who you really are as an overall person.And i understand you see me as a stranger and you see others the same way i feel the same way so you are not alone in all this.The feeling is mutual.But being a role model is not only doing charity work but helping out others and doing something you believe in and fighting for .By the way on Sam and Cat and Zoey 101 and ICarly i will always remember you as my favorite character I like Carly and Cat but you were hilarious you were histarical so you do have something inside you don’t sell yourself short

  9. i hope what i have to say cheered you up in the long haul Jennette you are a great person to be idolized by millions out there